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Any way to speed up rendering of advanced subtitles?


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Greetings, I've really been enjoying running Emby on an old Mac Pro that was given to me; generally with the two Xenons I figured it'd do alright and for the most part I've been correct - across a vast range of media it plays things back flawlessly.


However, I watch a lot of Anime (which is an understatement) and a lot of it features subtitles of the ASS variety. Usually when I watch them with VLC on a computer just like the one I have Emby running on, they move fluidly with all the crazy animations that the subbers have added; but in Emby when streaming to any other client that apparently isn't the case. They are often just a little slow, even in shows that have really minimal subbing and in the ones that have crazy stuff going on I've actually seen it pause the video intermittently and take a break during heavy sections like the openings and endings.


If you wanna see what a log looks like of me watching an entire episode of something you can find it attached Log.txt . Basically, is there anything I can do to improve playback and prevent this from happening? I really don't want to bake these in to my files, but maybe I'd experience more uniform experiences if I shelled out for a GTX 950 with NVENC or something. What's your opinion? Anyone else have this happen to them?





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The log is from when I played it via Android to a Chromecast Ultra, but I also watched it through the browser client on Chrome and got identical results

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we are actually rendering them directly in the browser or chromecast. for most this is the most desirable method because it avoids having to burn them in with server transcoding, a process that can often be painful for your server.


occasionally though there are some subtitles that are better off being burned in, so in the near future we'll add a setting to allow you to control that behavior. Just be aware that there is a cost to graphical subtitles which you're going to pay either way, whether it be the client device or the cpu on your server to burn them in. You can't really compare the browser or chromecast to vlc because the capabilities are not the same.

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