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Changing background theme and naming multipart 3D movies

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I have two issues I'm hoping someone can help me with.


First off, I like how Emby allows you to have a background picture or video for movies, TV shows, and Music.  However, I don't like the 'theme' it uses of starting the image from totally black on the left and then (mostly) visible on the right.  What ends up happening is that you can only see about 1/4 to 1/2 the image.  How can I change that? 


My second question is how do you name 3D movies that have multiple parts, such as the Hobbit movies?  The naming conventions state to put "-3D" at the end for 3D moves and "-part#" for multiple parts.  However, it doesn't state what to do when you have both.  I've tried putting -3D and -part# together at the end but Emby doesn't recognize that.  It shows parts 1 and 2 as separate movies.

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hi @@OmegaWulf, we don't currently have settings about the backdrop but it is a possibility for the future.


Can you give examples of exact file names you are attempting with 3d and stacking? thanks !

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