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Theatre - Last Episode Watched

Jack Burton

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Jack Burton

I have a lot of favorite tv shows that I rewatch, so the series is already marked as watched which is great since I don't want to mark the series unwatched and have old episodes show up on the latest/up next list. Continue watching works to keep track of whatever episode I'm on, but sometimes I stop at the end of the episode, so continue watching doesn't flag it. I'd like something simple that's kind of a blend between continue watching and latest/up next. Maybe just a small line at the end of the series info that says "last episode watched: 3x04" or something like that. Currently I force myself to watch the first few minutes of the next ep so it gets flagged in continue watching, but it would be nice if it could keep track if I stop at the end of the episode, without having to mark watched content as unwatched. Not sure if this is easy or hard to accomplish, just something I'd like to have added. If it can't be added, ah well, not a big deal.


As always, thanx for the great work.

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