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Slow migration to a NAS


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a difficult to describe question about access.


Here's the setup:

PC - Win10 - Emby Server - Most of library

PC - Win10 - Kodi w/emby app as client

Nvidia Shield -  Kodi w/emby app as client

Synology DS2415+ NAS - migrating library to this box.


I'm migrating the shows to a Synology DS2415+ over a few weeks/months. As its nearly 100TB it'll take some time.... (might eventually migrate the emby server as well to that box... but for now...) just the data is moving. As I move things over I'd like to have access to them from both the PC and Shield clients.


I've got the PC client setup with the appropriate user id's for both the emby server and the NAS share(s) as that happens at the OS level. But not sure how to do that with the shield. I've got network credentials configured for the win10 Server in the shield via the emby app network credentials, but how to access the shared data from the NAS?


From the NAS logs I don't see access attempts from the shield when trying to access content I know only exists on the NAS, but I do when I try to access the same content from the PC. I've reset both boxes db's to make sure it's all current info regarding show location.


Any suggestions greatly appreciated. And let me know if I can make any of this clearer...


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I've never had a synology but you should be able to add the UNC path to the emby servers TV folder and emby with take care of the rest. Allowing you to have one server with multiple media locations while you migrate.

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True... if the network credentials and access are all squared away and mine aren't. I'm not an NFS guy or even really sure what's going on under the hood of SMB so kinda pecking at the problem.


So to be clearer (maybe) my problem is with getting access to the NAS from the shield/kodi The Emby side of things on the PC and access to the NAS from the kodi PC is fine with UNC designation.


Within Emby I've got the UNC \\\Movies_1 and the path substitution of nfs:// but I'm not getting good info back from kodi what the problem is, just the vague 'file no longer exists' error. The format above does show the "intended" path substitution for files, but it can't seem to find them.


At the moment I suspect it's the format of the NFS path but know not how... 


edit: I'll add that I DO have access to the NFS paths via kodi (library add location), just not from emby for kodi

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