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Return to Emby for WMC after MPC has been closed


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Almost done and finished with the massive migration from MB 2.6 to Emby for WMC but have one difficulty that I can't seem to solve.


For external players I have PDVD 16 Ultra for DVD and BD playback that works without any problems and it returns to where it was launched from with Emby for WMC being maximized again.


However using MPC for all other content does have problems whenever I am using madVR to do the auto frame rate switching to frame rates that the projector supports. When I press the stop playback button or the close MPC button, then not always will it return to where it was launched from. Rather Emby for WMC stays minimized and still the page has the focus from where MPC was launched because when I hit return it plays the same clip again. Using Alt-Tab to navigate to WMC will not maximize it rather I have to click twice on the minimized icon before it maximizes again.


When setting in the configurator for the external player to not minimize WMC it will launch and play the file but MPC will never come to the forefront regardless of whether the settings for MPC are "always on top" or I type Ctrl-A to bring it to the front it always stays behind WMC. Is there a way or are there settings to not minimize WMC and still have MPC in fullscreen format run in the forground? I believe I did not notice this when I left the field for frame rates in madVR empty so it will not switch to supported frame rates. It then always runs at 59.976 fps the standard desktop frequency.


I really do like MPC with madVR switching to the native frame rate as the playback is so much smoother but hate to use the keyboard to get Emby for WMC back maximized to where playback originated from.


Any help would be very much appreciated.

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When you change frame rates on the display device everything has to re-sync and this can take several seconds.  This is all happening outside of the app at the hardware and driver level and I imagine that the connection is broken at the time that the app is trying to re-activate WMC so it fails.


I'm not sure what we could do about this in the app as we wouldn't want to just delay that process in normal operation and there is no way we can know that it is going on in the external program.


Is there a way to make MPC switch the frame rate back to 60 before exiting and also pause for a bit after that adjustment?

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Thanks for the quick answer. There is a setting in MPC called "Use autochange fullscreen monitor mode" and it allows entries in a list switching from fps to fps plus a Display mode (Hz) column and I will play with that one.


There are also two tick boxes 1. Apply default monitor mode on fullscreen exit and 2. restore resolution on program exit. Is Emby doing some of these functions?


In addition in madVR are two settings one of them is needed to be selected as "switch to matching display mode when media player starts" to make DXVA work.


The other one is "restore original display mode" and can't be switched from "when media player is closed" to when media player leaves fullscreen to buy some time.


I appreciate you telling me where the problem happens since I use a Harmony One remote to start playback I can insert time delays when stopping playback.


Thanks for your help and I see if I can't figure this one out. Surely I can't be the only one that uses madVR but could not locate anything in the forum searching for it that may help since most of it was related to Emby Theater.

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I am a firm believer if you can't solve the problem find a work around you can live with. Since in the Emby Media Browser configurator for external player there is a tick box for minimizing WMC is there not a way to NOT minimize WMC and have MPC in the foreground playing the content and then on exit it may be easier for WMC to gain focus again in fullscreen mode, just a thought.

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It is very difficult to find out what settings need to be ticked. First there are settings in MPC and there are settings in madVR that seem to do similar functions. Try one setting until it shows the error since it is intermittent, Then change the settings, restart the PC just to be sure and start all over again testing.


I ticked the box in MPC "Use autochange fullscreen monitor mode" plus "Apply default monitor mode on fullscreen exit" and "Restore resolution on program exit".


Now some of my BBC recordings in TS container 25fps resolution 1920 x 1080 start with audio playing but blank video. Video comes back when I force MPC in fullscreen mode (Alt-X command). So not to my liking unticked that setting and videos play fine at the start.


So next try is stop playback in a different fashion to allow some more time for switching. A sequence in the Harmony remote will first take MPC out of fullscreen mode put in 1 second delay and then close out MPC.


I presume that PDVD does not have the same problems because it does not switch to the native frame rate at least there is no way for me to check it.


Thanks again of sticking with me on this. I did find several other posts that complained about audio only and no video using madVR but it was in the ET player.


EDIT: The sequence of taking MPC out of fullscreen exclusive mode, then a 1 second delay and then closing the program seems to have helped. Now the lengthy testing of different videos with different frame rates and resolutions. :(

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