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Periodic Server Crashes


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I don't know if they are related but I've been having a few crashes per week for a while now. :(
I use Ubunru 16.04 64bit with the 4.10 series kernel on an Intel i7 6700K with 32 GB of ram.
The crashes seem kindda random... I could see that It was re-encoding media last time it crashed, fetching images and I had a user on that were transcoding af movie...
Ubuntu always remains stable and I keep the system updated so it should have the newest versions of everything from the repository...
I've checked the drives for space issues they all have at least 39 GB of free space...
I've attached two of the latest logs of crashes I could get and I will provide more the next time it happens if needed... :)

Thanks in advance



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Hi, can you try uninstalling all plugins except for Backup, Trailers and Podcasts? Let us know if the issue persists with just those and the core server. thanks !

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