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Emby just deleted all of my Movies


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What I learnt from my experience, apart from making dam sure you have an up to date backup of everything, is that

A: Emby’s documentation about file naming makes no reference to ensuring you have the media file within its own sub folder, and not on its own in the root of a /Movies style folder. In fact quite the opposite, it advices that is how the naming & filing should be done, with the one exception of Split Files - https://github.com/MediaBrowser/Wiki/wiki/Movie-naming

There is nothing about deletion of files in that wiki.


B: I had this happen again last week. In this case it only deleted one item that it shouldn’t have. This is the file structure /volume1/Video/Movies/00Direct/Sporting Event1/Sporting Event1.mp4 & /volume1/Video/Movies/00Direct/Sporting Event2.mp4.

I selected to delete “Sporting Event2.mp4” which wasn’t within its own subfolder, so it also deleted the folder “/Sporting Event1/Sporting Event1.mp4” thus deleting all within /volume1/Video/Movies/00Direct/.


C: Prior to me re-organising my entire Movie and TV folders to be within sub folders, which I did about 2 weeks to the event that caused this thread, I had all items simply within the root of /volume1/Media/Movies/ or /volume1/Media/TV/ and had never had a case of anything but the intended being deleted. I also believe that I was Direct Path in the Emby for Kodi add on, and this problem has only occurred since I switched to Addon (Default) path.

I believe this as two things have changed. When I ask Kodi to delete an item, it will remove it from the Kodi Library, but not the Emby library, where as previously it did delete it from the Emby library. When I look at a movie or tv show with my skin, it shows the location of the file as part of the regular info displayed. Previously it showed its location on the NAS with the actual file location, now it shows it an Emby address with no file name.


Edit: Another difference was that all the metadata images etc.. was originally (before the large deletion) selected to be stored in a different folder to the media, when creating all the sub folders, i changed to having all images etc to be stored in the same folder as the media.


I haven’t gotten around to testing this again, but I do plan on switching back to Direct Path on one of my Shields to test it.

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