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Seems Emby Server just deleted a ton of my files


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So about 20 minutes ago, I was using the 'Delete Media' button to remove one (1) DVD-R I no longer had need of, having been replaced with an MKV file. I've done this any number of times with seemingly satisfactory results: the movie/file I no longer have use of goes away, and I free up a bit of HD space.


Well, this time something different happened. On the individual page for the film, I hit the trash can icon as usual, then confirmed the delete.


This is probably where things went screwy. On the page one level back from this particular movie, where many movies in that particular Media Library were visible, I could still see the listing for this movie I wanted to delete. So I clicked on its page again, and hit delete again.


A few minutes later I was going through some folders in Finder and realized something went horribly wrong. Emby appears to have deleted ALL the films in that entire Media Library folder. Maybe because after I had deleted the initial one, and executed the command again, it went up one level and just took everything out?


I have no idea. I certainly never clicked on the folder containing everything and told Emby to delete it.


I feel a bit woozy, having just inadvertently lost about 1TB of media, give or take. Seems like a bad joke.


I'm not writing any new files to the drive and I'm currently scanning it with some data recovery software that will hopefully turn most or all of the missing files up.


From now on I'll certainly never trust the Delete Media function again. Call it user error if you want, but I never once navigated to my base media folder and told Emby to delete it. You can bet on that.


So whatever happened, I think it's a glitch in Emby's interface.


I would recommend everyone avoid using this feature, and to the developers, I would suggest if possible adding some kind of confirmation when a large amount of data is set to be deleted. It would also be great if the files went first into the trash can rather than completely deleted (at least having this as a user-definable preference).


But bottom line, I'm never going to trust Emby to remove just the file I want removed ever again. I'll do it all manually in the Finder from here on out.


I turned up several threads across several years of people having the same thing happen to them, but it all seemed Windows client-based. Seems it can happen on the OS X client too.


I don't know if I have the right level of logging enabled, but maybe there's something there if someone could point me in the right direction, I'll be happy to share it.



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Couple more things:


This was running Emby Server v3.2.10.0 on OS X 10.11.6.


And the data recovery seems to be working great, thankfully. About 4 hours to recover 1.2TB worth. Disk Drill, in case anyone's curious. The only downside is these are VIDEO_TS folders and it didn't preserve the base folder name, so I'm having to open each one up and figure out what it is before I can name the new folder. Not that big of a deal, all things considered.

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Hi, we're sorry to hear about this. We'd have to look at the log from when this happened in order to learn more but most likely you executed the delete command at a folder level rather than against an individual media item.

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The latest version of Emby Server for Mac has been posted. Apologies for the delay. Thanks !

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