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[Emby Theather] Backdrop Feedback/Suggestions


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As a person who uses emby theather constanly, I have few suggestions to backdrops.


1) Fade out overlay in a title, it is currently from left (black) to right (transparent), can we go back to old version where there is no directional fade out (%some percentage transparent all around), it kills both image and video backdrops, especially video backdrops which is designed for whole screen, where now you can see only right side, or at least make it in a way it doesnt go all the way to %0 transparancy on the left, (one side note, this also plays very bad with philips ambilight, while i am browsing it is one sided ambilight :( )


2) Please dont show previous title's backdrop after I left the title, for example I browse a movie, I go back to browsing in poster mode, and that is a very crowded screen already, and I have the backdrop of last movie between all those posters, just making it harder to browse, visually not appealing. Instead just please show default black, which brings me,


3) no backdrop issue but similar, can we have all black default background, isntead of gradient default background, it will play nice with new screens with hight contrasts.


4) unrelated bug, if you go ultrahd resolution, there is a bug in video overlay, what i mean is: if i open the hud by pausing the video, the fade overlay on the top does not go all the way to top of the screen, just runs short, showing a line of not faded area.


PS, i didnt have a nice tv for a while, so was watching from pc or ipad, finally replaced, and best media experience ever using theather in a hdtv, just amazing, i dont even open the android version on the tv:)



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