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"Now playing screen" and "add to play queue" do not work


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I'm evaluating emby since yesterday, to see if it could replace synology audio station for my use case.

It almost does a perfect music server, at least for me.

The bummer is that some critical functions, that work fine while playing locally, do not seem to work when sending music to a remote DLNA device.


When playing music on the local device it's all fine: I see the current playing queue, and can add/remove/reorder items.


If I click on the little cast icon and choose a DLNA device, though, like my kodi box for example, then I cannot see the playing queue on the remote device. Nothing at all. The "now playing screen" only contains the current song, there is no list under it.


Choosing a song, or an album, clicking the little dots and choosing "add to play queue" has no effect neither. Payback stops at the end of the current song. The one I selected has not been added to the queue on the remote device.


My use case is fairly standard, I believe. I have some devices around the house that can play music. I use my phone as a remote control, to send music to one device or another. Not being able to manage the play queue on those remote devices is, for that use case, a show stopper.


Is there any chance that this can fixed, eventually?

Many thanks for the great work
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Hi, welcome, yes controlling the play queue for remote devices is in our plans. Thanks for the feedback.

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wow, that was fast :-)


great to know it's in your plans!


obviously I'm not expecting a precise ETA, but what a super rough estimate could be, if you can have any idea at all this point?

which kind of range: one week, one month, one quarter, one year?



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