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Artists tab and Artwork

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Where do i start with this...


1 - The "Artists" tab.


I been using several media stream servers and they dont have this tab, why? Because under this tab is usual very very messy business to deal with. The album artists tab contains the main artists therefore is simple to manage the artwork. Under the artists tab, instead of just one main artist, for example Michael, youll have some like:


Michael ft Nina, Micheal + mango, michael & romeo, michael with chicken nugget, michael, steve and the list goes on.


So youll find that the main artist has artwork but the rest need some serious manual editing. So with this in mind, just for the sake of organisation and make the library look good, please add the option to perhaps hide this tab if its that useful to others.


2 - Artwork


Someone pls tell me how Emby reads artworks from tags. I did not set Emby to look for artworks on the net because this usually does not end well as quite often i would find incorrect picture put on wrong album artist. All my music are organised but i figured some artwork are embeded to mp3 files and some are just in the folders. With other media stream servers all my mp3 have artwork, with emby, only about 60% have artwork.



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hi @@Rakim, we use ffprobe to search for embedded tags. Can you please discuss some examples of audio files aren't showing artwork? Thanks !

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Actually i looked which artwork doesnt show and it appears to be just an album artist photo, but all the albums under that album artist will have their artwork showing. Now when an album has no artwork, i can usually use software like Mp3tag to embed a picture and stay rest assured that the image is not going anywhere, even if im to move my media to another storage and reinstall emby, the image will be there. Now, how or where do i embed an album artist picture? i know that i can, within emby itself, go to Edit images menu and upload that album artist image but, i dont know how that image is stored. I dont want to carelessly look for images online then next time i reinstall emby i have to repeat the process because the image is not stored somewhere, where emby could look and identify that this is artist image.


So the question now is, Where does Emby reads the Album artist images? so i can put em there myself.

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if you add it manually via emby you get a poster.jpg in the Artist folder


or just copy it there in the first place

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@@Luke, Mp3tag has an option to select what cover type when you embed to mp3 files which includes front cover, back, icon, lead artist, artist and more but non of those types seem to be picked up by Emby as album artist cover. I imagined the lead artist or artist would be the cover type for album artist but Emby doesn't recognise it. However i found a way to mimic the way that Emby recognise the album artist covers. When emby auto detect well known artists and fetch the cover art online, those images are named "folder" and stored in the album artist folder. So from there i realised i could manually download any image then put in that artist folder and rename the image "folder". eventually Emby will recognise it as an album artist cover art.


@PenkethBoy, If you manually add from Emby, the image is displayed but will not be in a folder and, if you manually put a picture in that folder Emby doesnt recognise or even detect the image unless you rename that image to "folder".

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