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Emby not syncing multiple movie country tags from nfo files


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I can't really tell if this is related to Emby or Kodi so I hope it's the right place to post.


I'm letting Emby import all of its media information from my local nfo files.

But there seems to be a problem with multiple country tags:




When opening the movie info screen in Kodi all of my movies with multiple countries only show a single one.

I can't find any view in Emby where countries are displayed so I don't know if its not imported correctly in Emby or if the syncing between Emby and Kodi does not work correctly maybe.


Did someone else recognize this?

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Hi @@Marv, I think this is actually an Emby server issue when importing the nfo. Or rather, looks like an nfo change that was introduced at some point that we didn't know about. We have always been looking for a single country node and parsing multiple by splitting on slash /, but it looks like a newer convention is just using multiple nodes.


thanks for the report.

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