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What actually is MB3?


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Hi there,
Apologies if this is a silly question but I was wondering is you guys might help in describing what MB3 is exactly.
I am a long time user of HTPC software and currently run Argus TV as my backend and connect to it with a combination of XBMC and Mediaportal clients.
I was just wondering whether Media Browser is something that fit in with what I am currently using and if so, how?  Also, what are its main advantages?
I have tried to read as much as I can online but am not really sure what this program does.  The various HTPC forums seem to consider this MB3 an exciting new development.
Thanks v much.

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It's your local media universe.


Media Browser is a home media server that runs on windows, and soon Linux and OS X. You start with that, then pair it with one or more of our client apps - Android, iOS, Roku, Windows Phone, Windows 8.1, Media Browser Classic, Media Browser Theater, XBMB3C, or our Media Portal plugin. Using our client apps you can browse your library, stream content, view personalized suggestions, etc. 


The server also has a web-based client with a very rich management interface and also the ability to browse and play content from your browser.

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Koleckai Silvestri

I  think of it as "Home Media Networking".


The home theater PC is only part of the solution these days. With tablets, smart phones, and set-top appliances, the HTPC is very rigid and prevents content from being seen on a lot of screens. With the MediaBrowser family, you can have your media centralized in one location and then access it via clients on all those devices. I can use a choice of clients or just access it via the Web Client provided by the server. I don't need to worry if my media will play on a particular device or install codecs on those devices. The server will make the media fit for me.

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Thank you for that.


I think I am starting to get the picture now.


So ultimately, Media Browser Server is an alternative backend to, say, Mediaportal's Server software?


Am I correct in thinking, therefore, that if I install MB Server on my server, then I can connect to that and view anything on it via any computer with a web browser?


If that is true, would I then (assuming that I do not record or watch live TV) technically have no need for Argus TV, XBMC or Mediaportal any more?


As I do record and watch Live TV, does this mean that I still need Argus TV as well to run next to MB3 Server?

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