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Using Raspberry Pi Kodi as Server


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Hi guys,


i am new to this, i have 3 Raspberry Pi at home


  • 1 as a server that always stays on, this has my external hard drives plugged in and connected to my network by a Ethernet Powerline. 
  • the other 2 raspberry pi's are in my bedroom and living room and link to the hard drives over the network again by Ethernet Powerlines.

The problem with this set up is that there are all individual libraries. i did try UPNP a while back but the library was too big and was really slow at loading al the artwork etc.


I am running openELEC on all devices although i think i will install libreELEC now as it has Emby built in.


My question is, is there a way to instal the Emby Sever onto my Raspberry Pi so this can always stay on? (i can only find how to may a raspberry with kodi a client) i don't really want to install the server on my Mac or home PC as i wouldn't want this to be on all the time, or does it not need to be on? Can i install the server and link the hard drives through the network to it then turn off my PC?


Just a little confused about how to work the set up.


Any feedback would be awesome - would be nice to get it set up with all the feature Emby offers like watch statuses syncing across all my devices.


Dark Kent

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