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DNLA Screensaver for photos on nVidia Shield TV empty folder?


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I'm trying to setup my DNLA server on my new Emby server and my nVidia Shield can see the folder, and it says 863 pictures are in the screensaver library I created, but when I click into that folder, it shows as empty.  I do this with plex currently and hope to switch fully to emby, but I can't seem to figure out why the folder shows "Screensaver (863)" but then shows empty when I click on it...?  There are 863 files in that folder, so it looks like it's finding it correctly, and I can see the files if I load the emby app and browse to that library.  However the files are not viewable as pictures, just a photo icon of hte picture is listed... does emby not support JPG files?  I'd find that pretty hard to believe ;)



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