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Is media playing locally after sync?


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Hi, I synced an episode to my android device and after it has completed and I try to play the show it shows "Direct Playing" on the app. Is it supposed to say something else when it is synced?

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Whilst the sync downloads the file, at the moment there is no way to play synced content within the app!!


You have to browse to it with a file explorer and play it with the Android built in or other player.


Yeah, i know, a GLARING ommision at the moment and very much a -10 compared with plex.


However, there is a lot more good than bad with emby!!.


They will get to it sometime, hopefully soon!





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2.9.32 is rolling out and supports offline browsing and playback. The feature is still very new so please make sure to leave your feedback and we will continue to improve it. Thanks !

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