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Watch Live TV from WMC Client


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Is it possible to watch live tv from Emby source from Emby WMC client ?


Am I missing the option ?


I've tried web and android app and that works fine


- Arni

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Not other than through WMC itself.


The vast majority of people using Emby for WMC have their Live TV also in WMC so there hasn't been much demand for this.

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Yes I understand and I'm one of them. Been using WMC from WinXP and Emby from early MediaBrowser days.  


But users using WMC for LiveTV + Emby Client for WMC for other media cannot really use the Live TV feature that comes with Emby.

Tv feature in WMC does not support streaming sources but Emby does so it would be great to get that option into the whole WMC + Emby experience.



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