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Controlling MB Browser via Home Automation Gateway Vera


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I'm fading away from using mControl to Vera for Home Automation.   I'm already using Vera for Text to Speech Announcements, but still use mControl for Windows Media Center automation (play channel x, queue wake or sleep music, Message Box overlays). 


I've just uploaded this Alpha version of WMC control via Vera:



I'd be happy to port this plugin to Media Browser if MB supports telnet (i.e socket) or http access media control which I believe it does.  Ideally, it would be anonymous authentication to KISS.  Could someone point me to the code in GitHub that would accept these calls?  I would also like to see a Message Box added added to MB via this interface as well for selfish reasons.  



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Good point Luke, I would guess MB clients, starting with MBC/MBT.  


That is, unless the server becomes a notification engine/automation engine for the clients...which I don't really see a use for at the moment.  I did propose the idea, but don't think it's really MB focus after further thought...and no replies :(.



There already is a XBMC Vera Plugin (and other Vera Plugins like DirectTV and Tivo here: http://apps.mios.com/index.php?cat=3)


Ideally, it would allow a Vera scene like this:

* WMC (in Alpha) or XBMC Vera Plugin - Load Media Browser, Set Volume

* Vera IR Blaster Plugin - Turn On TV

* MBC or XBMC MB App - Play last episode of series=Saturday Night Live automatically at 7:30am on Sunday morning

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Please don't view this as criticism, I am just curious. :)


What is the reason for having the Vera control the home theater, other than "timer" function? The Vera UI is so awful that I can't imagine what would happen to the WAF if I did that. I've done the exact opposite - my Harmony remote, which controls the home theater, is set up to control the Vera... ;)  

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I've often thought about some sort of plugin to tie in the vera's capabilities.


Taking a look at the iRule software some people have done great things to tie in their home automation and XBMC setups together into one central location. They can browse their entire collections via the ipad and control HTPC's, and set events like when hitting play dim the lights and bring down the shades, etc.


It would be a nice addition one day.


Some pics from AVS:











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@@politby Oh, I only control the WMC for Vera Scenes and Timers...or anything that I want to interact in the home off the TV.


For example:

* Play X video at 5 minutes before I need to leave for work on weekdays.  

* Play Live TV O'Reilly factor at 8pm if nothing is playing on the home video system and motion detected in the home.

* Stop media @ 1am and turn off the TV every night

* Put down shades in Living Room half way if light levels raise above x lumens and media is playing on Living Room TV

* Wish - Not possible with MB yet till remote API supports  "Play Latest Media Collection X" - Allowing you to play latest unwatched non-favorite TV when I arrive home (enter my PIN in lock or use my keyfob remote).  Favorite TV we watch together with the family or I want to pay attention more . 


I would never click up, up, down, OK on using Vera Web page as a remote.  I use a variety of UI apps detailed here:



@@fantaxp7 That is a cool remote.  I've been focused more on the sensors and scene automation (motion time).  I am looking at making it pretty once it's reliable :)

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What is the easiest way to start the latest Saturday Night Live playing in Media Browser classic?


Here is the scenario,  I want this to fire for my wakeup alarm on Sundays the Vera Home Automation controller...and would like a http request to MBC or MBS.


On weekdays, changing to a channel (Today Show) at 7am is pretty easy in WMC/Vera. However, playing the "latest" video files is proving challenging from MB3.


I tried VMCController which does allow wildcards to the latest jpg images...does not work with playing the latest videos.


I'd also love to play some favorite movies randomly on Saturday Morning.  Perhaps this is a MBPlus addition but I'm sure the HTTP API is shared between all.

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