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Is there a way to setup an external folder sync of NEW content only


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I would like to sync some of my content (some folders in a lib) to an external folder.

I can easily set it up and it's working fine.

My problem is - if I delete the files from this external folder manually - next time the sync job runs - it recreates them.


What I would like to basically get the files synced to external folder once and then be able to delete them there manually when I'm done with them w/o having them recreated upon next sync job run.


This way I can listen to my podcasts and when I'm done with them - I can delete them from external folder and only the new ones will come in when they arrive.


Is it possible to set something like this up?


Thank you!

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Hi, there is currently no filter for this, although I suppose you could do it with a playlist if you're willing to manually add new content that you want to sync to a playlist.

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