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FR: Breeze Theme Request


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Let me say that I LOVE this theme. (I just bought it)  I'm big on my Backdrops and I like to have a great view of them in a theme.  Breeze is almost perfect for my purposes but I was hoping that I could get you to set it up so that the episode thumbnail and that shadowbox it is on top of could be configured to not appear like clear art does.  I'm including 2 pics of the stuff I'd love to be able to toggle off.  Hope you can make this happen.  Outstanding work!




And (Less important but nice to have.)




This cover is more about getting away from the center where its blocking the backdrop.


Thanks again bud!


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Sure, no problem adding show/hide settings for those items.


I'm currently organising the Aztec configuration tab to lose the horrible single long list of settings and make settings much easier to play around with.


When this is also done in Breeze I'll add the new settings you requested. Won't be too long as I'm pretty much done with the Aztec changes now.

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