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Very slow browsing photos

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Good afternoon!

Emby in my Asustor AS3102T is very slow displays photos. I tried different versions Emby and settings, but the display speed of photos and has not improved.

miniature displays terribly slow - 20 miniatures for 10 minutes.

Emby does not store thumbnails, and create them anew each time? Photo Gallery displays these same photos instantly!

photography weigh 3-8 mb


Emby displays 100 thumbnails per page and while it will not load them all, I can not begin to view them.


Thank you.

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Hi @@vladromas, it is because Asustor is not supplying ImageMagick therefor the image processing is using older, slower methods. I will discuss with Asustor about this. Thanks for the feedback !

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Thank you very much for your participation!
I attached 2 log file.
I use Asustor AS3102T: Intel Celeron N3050, 2gb RAM
Google Chrome v. 55.0.2883.95 (64-bit)



Hey vladromas,


I had the same experience with my AS5102T (2x4tb hd's in raid1). Despite its quad core processor and 8 gb ram, mine can't run most 3rd party apps worth a tinker's damn either, including Emby. I too tried different versions and settings for weeks before finally giving up on the Asustor box. Emby's a great program, but torpedoed by the combination of Asustor's lazy, buggy code, memory leaks and poor caching that in turn causes excessive disc activity, late services and lib packages that are often 2-3 revs behind the norm, etc., etc.


I dusted off an old Win7 laptop to run Emby, and resigned the "omnipotent, state-of-the-art" Asustor pos to simple file server duties. LOL, even with only a duo-core cpu and 4gb ram, the laptop exponentially outperforms the Asustor, and even better with the Linux build I'm currently testing.


Moral of the story, "you can't polish a turd," so save yourself the time and headache and migrate Emby to another box. You'll be much better off, and saner, in the long run!



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Hi Tara Cabot,

thanks for your reply!

very sorry to hear that about Asustor ...
Today I bought a Synology DS916+II (8gb), I will test it.
I hope him to be all right.



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