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Server Console Not Reading Cache


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My server console for some reason has stopped reading the image cache when it loads in the browser, this occurs on the physical machine or if I connect remote via a web browser; IE, Edge, or Chrome, all behave the same.

Oddly enough only sets/collections displays, movies, TV, etc do not, regardless of setting them to poster, banner, etc..

The metadata is there as they have displayed in the resent past.

I can go to the cache folder on the server (it's default location) and I see the images and a properties of the folder revel there are indeed enough files to correspond with the amount of media on the server.

My question is:

1) Is there a DB cache that the app reads from or is it reading directly form the CACHE folder in User/App Data/Roaming ?

2) In either case can a refresh be forced to load in the web page w/o actually pulling new metadata from the internet?


Thanks for your help...


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Well it has either lost the images or stopped reading the cache, I can go into the console and into movies (for example) and click on a letter section (any of them) and no images for the movies are brought up.

When you click on the menu for the movie and choose Edit Images no images for all the types that were there a few days ago are now there.

So there is either a corrupt database (if the images are being cached in such a way) or the app is not reading the directory that the images are stored in.

Or maybe they all just magically disappeared (not likely as the data is on a raid array).

So what seems most likely?

I have kicked off a scan of the Library (also on a raid array) to see if anything rebuilds.

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The library rescan solved the issue, other than about a dozen items it did not pull posters for, just manually corrected those.

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