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cinema mode trailers don't play when local only


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No trailers play when I start a movie.


Settings are as here:



To summarize:

Cinema Mode is enabled in playback for 'movies' and 'episodes'.

I disabled all the internet based trailers since I have local versions.

I enabled 'include trailers from movies in my library'.

I set 'number of trailers' to '3'

I enabled 'only play trailers from unwatched content'.


emby is Version


this happens for me both in

the web interface,

the kodi app (I've got premium)

from kodi on the same machine as the emby-server,

from kodi on another machine.


My trailers are stored beside the movies in the same directory, like so:




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Also worth noting that if I check off any of the four 'premium' trailer options for streaming sources, it works fine (plays some trailers ... not sure of source).


And perhaps of note: the previous version had a slightly different (related?) issue where it would play only the local trailers (if selected) but it played the trailer for the selected movie before playing others.

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