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FR: Option for External Players to Prompt for Stop Time


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Since External Players may vary in their ability to resume certain forms of media (eg, full DVD VIDEO_TS folder rips) it could be nifty if one could enable (on a per-external-player basis) to be prompted by ET for the Stop Time, so that when coming back to the item later there's a record of approximately where you stopped watching.


I'm thinking it could go something like this....


"Would you like to enter your stop-time for easier resuming later?"


There'd of course be a Cancel/No button, but pressing Back on one's remote (whatever that hotkey is in ET) should just exit out of the dialog.


We could potentially use something like this for the incrementing/decrementing time interface:



And it might not be a bad idea to have a simple select between whether this was the "Main Feature" or not (this really only applies for things like VIDEO_TS rips, where there are multiple videos in DVD structure).


But I'd be happy just having the prompt even without that additional clarification.


Thanks for considering my idea!


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