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Any tips for improving playback of HD Channels


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System is a Late 2012 Mac Mini 2.5 GhZ i5 with 16 GB of RAM. This machine is doubling as a Plex Server as well. The tuner is a HDHomeRun Prime with a FIOS cable card. Both systems are hooked into a gigabit hub.


Playback of SD channels seems to be fine, but switching to HD results in constant buffering. I recently reinstalled Emby Server in the hopes that it would help, but still the same thing with the HD channels. 


I can watch HD Channels using the the Channels App on my iPad or using the Media Player on my PS4 with no trouble. If I use Emby via browser or Roku, then I get the buffering issues. Sometimes browser sessions disconnect and take me back to the page for the channel.


Thanks very much

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Hi there, we're very sorry to hear about this. can you please provide an emby server and ffmpeg log when this happens? you can learn how to do that here:




Also keep in mind, no web browser currently supports mpeg2, and neither does Roku, so if your channels are mpeg2, then it could just be that your transcoding is not happening fast enough. The channels app and media player apps can embed mpeg2 support into the apps so it's not really an equal comparison.


thanks !

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