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Apple Music on Sony PS4


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There is no way to play it on the PS4. Apple is using DRM on the music, which is what is blocking it to play it on the PS4.

If you just want to listen to music you can also use Spotify on PS4. Else you would have to use something Apple provides

for the living room



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Maybe some third-party software like TuneFab Apple Music Converter can help with playing Apple Music on PS4.

I dont need it as I realy dispise Apple and their products. I even use Sailfish on my Sony Xperia X, which if a faaar more better OS than iOS and Android. They still need to implement things but Jolla is on a good way.

They even can now put Sailfish on the new feature phones. I dont have any music or movies with DRM or what so ever. So maybe you should answer not to me and instead to the one who opned the thread.

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