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Unfollow shows in "Upcoming" tab


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I've asked about how to do this in the server forum and @@Luke asked me to place a feature request for it to see how it takes off.

Throughout the years of using mediabrowser and now emby, I have started watching shows and stopped following many of them.  But now, in my "Upcoming" tab, it's getting a little crowded, with mostly shows I don't watch anymore.  Example: The Daily Show...I stopped watching it when Jon Stewart left but it still populates my upcoming tab with its daily airing.  Would love to have a way to "unfollow" a show with either a check box in metadata manager or maybe a hover button when the mouse hovers over the show in the upcoming tab...


I guess this would have to be somehow user specific as my wife follows and watches different shows with her user account.


Anybody else got their Upcoming tab filling up with "junk"?



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