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Playback interrupted when using multiple devices


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Playback on individual devices works great but I have a problem when using several at once.

The video starts as it should and runs smoothly.


Any devices that are currently playing is affected.


When I start or stop a video on the 2nd or 3rd device all of the other devices screens will go black for a second or 2.


It only happens at start or stop, not on pause or seek.


I've tried on a mobile phone, 2 desktops, a laptop and a raspberry pi and they all are affected.

The problem occurs when using addon mode or direct paths and also occurs when direct playing or transcoding.


It does not happen when using an external player like mpc-hc which leads me to believe it's something updating in Kodi to sync with emby's watched list.


Any insights would be appreciated.

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I'm not sure if this issue has been reported in the past. Which Kodi version are you running, which emby for kodi version are you running? If you can grab your Kodi log that captures this issue, and also the time at which it happened, it'll give us a better idea of what's really happening. One update to content's watched status should not cause an issue in my opinion, but you never know. Thanks.



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