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FR: AutoBoxsets plug-in - Separate by collection


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While I was searching to find out if parental control information is re-read from tmdb when a Scan media library task runs I found this thread.

I can confirm that movies that have a parental control higher than the setting in the user account will not show up in the movies section and also not inside a boxset. The boxset itself (with the images, description and backdrops) is always shown, even when all it's items are off limit's. I've tested this in the web interface and in media browser theater.

So as far as I see it, the thing needed here is to check if any item inside a boxset is allowed for the user before the boxset itself is shown to that user.

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Real progress on the whole automatic collections front.  Details here.


However, the new system still will not give you exactly what you were asking for in the OP.  But it should be a lot better than it was.

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