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Bug: Can't cast from Android app using external HTTPS IP


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Android app 2.8.27

Android Chromecast

Nexus 6p




  1. Dashboard > advanced 
  2. Turn on "Report https as external address"
  3. Save
  4. Have a friend hit the external https IP
  5. Observe friend streams media from external https IP from Android app (Nexus 6p)
  6. Have friend cast to Chromecast Ultra
  7. Observe app just displays loading spinner when attempting to cast

Actual Behavior:

Android app can access and stream from external HTTPS IP but when attempting to cast to Chromecast Ultra the app just keeps spinning. When server has "Report https as external address" disabled, friend can cast to chromecast ultra with no issue. 


Expected Behavior:

Friend can cast to chromecast ultra using external HTTPS IP with no issues.





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Hi @ , what kind of SSL cert do you have. Did you supply your own or are you using the default self-signed cert?

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  • Solution

OK, unfortunately the Chromecast will not accept certs that it doesn't trust, such as this, and there is no way to override it. To resolve this, you should either uncheck the report https option, or supply your own trusted cert from a provider such as Let's Encrypt.

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