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Audio Sync Issue

Michael K.

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While watching TV episodes, I have noticed that audio will skip(repeat about 1 second of audio), which causes the audio to fall out of sync with the video. I haven't noticed any particular pattern to this. It seems like it happen at random times. I believe it occurs once per episode. To fix it, I have to stop the episode and then resume. Once I resume, everything is fine until the end of the episode. Once the next episode starts automatically, the tends to happen again.


Has anyone else experienced this?


Log files attached. Please advise. Thanks!





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The issue still exists for me in Emby Server


Note: While I was troubleshooting an unrelated issue, I noticed that this issues does not happen when Transcoding hardware acceleration (Intel Quick Sync) is enabled.

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Is this only after a seek? If you just watch the video from beginning to end, do you see the problem?


It happens when I watch from beginning to end.


It's never happened to me when using seek.

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Well your transcode logs are from a seek (or resume), so that's why I asked.


I suspect in that case when i pressed play that it asked me if I wanted to resume or start from the beginning - which I selected start from beginning. 


I just watched an episode again today and the issue happened while I played from beginning to end.


I will watch a few more episodes from beginning to end and post new log files.

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Here are the new log files.


I restarted the server and I then began playing an unwatched episode from the beginning. About 4:17 seconds into the episode, the audio skipped(repeated on second of sound), causing it to fall out of sync with the video. A few minutes later I stopped playback and saved all logs surrounding the event.






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