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Thecus n4310


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I am trying to install emby server on the nas but cant find the files to do it

On the download page its says you can install on os6

But not having any luck

Have i just bought the wrong nas ??


If anyone can help me set it up it would be great


Thanks in advance

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I've passed this question along to the maintainer of the Thecus package.


In the meantime, if you can provide more specifics on what you're unable to find, that will help us better respond to the issue.


Thanks !

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thanks for reply


i am looking for the actual emby module for this server


in your Thecus installation guide it says for OS5 and OS6 this needs to be downloaded first, and installed from PC

Where can i download this module?, there is no link, 


when i go to to the Thecus apps section on the server, Emby is not available to install



Thanks in advance if more info is available about this server

looks like i bought the wrong one!!

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The link to download Emby for Thecus NAS can be found on Thecus Official forum. 

Your NAS is a ppc arch so you have to choose the right version for your NAS.

Emby is available in APP Center just for the the models that runs OS7

Below is the link to Emby post where you can find the download link.




Maybe a section "Thecus" can be added under the Server Support in Emby forum.

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