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Unable to play any videos on NVIDIA SHIELD


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The last week or so, I've been unable to play any videos in Emby on my NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV. It actually happened started about a month ago when I was using the beta app. But I didn't have time to report the issue, so I just left the beta to get back on "stable" and the issue was solved.

However, now it seems that the beta version I had issues with, has made it into stable, and now I had time to report the issue.


When starting a video, I just get black screen with the player UI, and a toast saying "Player error encountered. Will re-try..." (see attached picture).

I cannot see anything odd in the remux logs on the server, but I attached one anyway for your expert eyes.

I tried to find a log file for the app on my shield, but was not able to find any. Please let me know where to find it if you need it.


I can play the videos when playing to an external player like VLC, but it's not really optimal for me.


EDIT: I've tried in 1.2.77g (stable), and I found the button to send logs, so I've sent those. I've rejoined the beta program, but the app hasn't updated yet. I'll post my results here once it does.



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That seems to do the trick, thanks! I guess it was related to when I reinstalled Emby a little while ago (related to this issue: https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/37955-resuming-video-starts-it-over/ )

I installed the beta, and then during startup configuration, it asked me to manually download ffmpeg and locate it. So that's what I did. I guess the version I downloaded had compatibility issues?

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