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Add Emby to Android "Share" Menu


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I would love to be able to transcode and play videos via Emby on my android phone that I come across in other apps. This would be helpful when finding videos or streams online that my phone cannot natively play, and incredibly helpful when casting to my chromecast, which can play very few file formats. Everything in my emby library plays perfectly on my Chromecast, and Emby can play darn near any file format I ever throw at it, so I'd really appreciate it as an option which would enable me to pretty much be able to play any file on my chromecast or phone, without having to actually add sources to my PC.


The idea would simply be that Emby is an intent for web links like *.mp4, *.m3u8, *.mkv, *.strm, etc. Sharing the 'file' with emby would share the web link and emby would play and transcode that on the server before serving it up to the phone or chromecast. Seems like something very possible, but it depends on how Emby's server application is developed on how it handles transcoding videos that are not currently part of a library.


Any chance?

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