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Live TV - TV Button not populating Channels


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TV Playback appears to work as I can see the channels just fine in the Live TV section. The issue is when playing an item and the [Now Playing] bar that appears at the bottom if I click the "TV Channels" button no channels are being populated.


I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the ServerWMC plugin and the ServerWMC tray app but I get the same results.


Server Version: 3.0.5135.31685

ServerWMC Version: 1115

Server Log (When pressing the TV Channels button)




Channels found







Channels are being populated in the LiveTV section




Red arrow points to the clicked TV Channels button. Yellow arrow is pointing to the channels window that only takes a peek as if it is being shy.


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I finally had time to investigate this issue further and I believe I found the problem.


Ran developer tools for IE, Firefox and Chrome. This is from the IE debugger. Where it says name it gives "2.2 KCBS-SD" which plays fine.

Error: "unable to get property 'Name' of undefined or null reference




Next step in my investigation. Went to the web client and looked at the channel info wondered what was different about this channel from all other channels? As you can see, there is no Guide Information on it.




Went to the Guide itself and sure enough there is no information on it for 2.2.




I thought it couldn't be the guide info since the error was an undefined 'Name' so I proceeded to Media Center and looked at the channel signals where I could select what channels to enable/disable. What I found was that the 2.2 KCBS-SD channel was missing the (network name?) at the end compared to the other channels.



I disabled 2.2 KCBS-SD and tested it again but I received another error for a different channel. I had to disable 36 channels in total which also have no guide information or the (network name?) at the end. The result after another test?






I hope this is helpful in resolving the issue. Thanks.


Edit: Just want to add this is not a solution but a temporary workaround because now I don't have access to a whopping 36 of my channels which work fine without Guide information.

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