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"Are you still watching?" Configurable Options


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Hi There,


I noticed there is another thread regarding the ability to turn off the "Are you still watching?" option and was advised to start a new topic with this.

I'm one of these odd people who cannot sleep without having the TV on so I tend to put on a boring film or TV I have seen before and I'm asleep pretty quick. I tend to put my TV on a timer for 90 mins so it turns itself off. With the "Are you still watching?" I have noticed that when it pops up, if nothing is selected it will just stay there indefinitely so when I get home from work, it's still on the screen when I turn on the TV.


Could we get some configurable options for this, for example if you don't do anything for 60 seconds (or a configurable duration) you have obviously fallen asleep or ventured elsewhere so can't click no and then have ET shutdown the PC or go to sleep (again a configurable option)


I'd love to see:


Ability to turn the notification ON / OFF

Duration of when the notification pops up

Only check at the end of a film / TV episode after duration has been met

If there is no response when the notification pops up for X amount of time, do a particular action.



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Wait, let me get this straight...


Emby theater pops up "are you still watching?" and waits for you to choose yes or no?




Take a look here. This is how it should be done. There is no longer a "no" on this for roku. It is a countdown from 60 and when 0 is reached the video player is closed. There is also a way to disable this. An administrator can login and choose "disable". No other users can disable this or it would defeat the purpose. Once again, this is how it should be done.

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I know that for folks serving shows to remote users this was a sensible and reasonable addition but when you're only serving media to your own house it's silly at best.  Default it to on but let us turn it off please.

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