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MB Server Showing 0 Movies


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MediaBrowser 3 server Version 3.0.5115.35703

Windows 7 


I have the following issue.


MB server will show 0 movies after the following

 - After running for a few days

 - Leaving a movie passed for a few hours

 - transferring movies across the network to my movie folder


I have to restart Mediabrowser server before my movies will be displayed again

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The server is running on the same machine as the client.  


 1. I paused a movie for a few hours and tried to restart the movie and was unable to restart the movie and after that my movie library was 0

 2. I ripped mulitple movies from another PC and tried to transfer it over to the server. I have no problems with the movie transfer and never 

     had problem in the past until the upgrade to MB server 3. At this point after the transfer is complete I attempt to view the movie and my 

     movie library was 0

 3. After a few days of running I have observed the same issue where I would have to restart the server (note: this is not a reboot just restart the service)

     because the movie library is 0

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I get this when I start MBC and the server is still doing a scan.  The web client will show the same result.  Is it possible that your server is doing a scan when you are seeing this behaviour.  .  

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If your referring to the scan media library I not sure if this task has completed. For example I rebooted over 2 hours ago and its only at 67.6% and I only have ~840 movies.

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