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Adding new folders to Media Library


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Hi All,


The other day i noticed that my Emby server stopped playing movies through Kodi (TV Shows were playing fine). I assumed it was something to do with the plugin, so reinstalled it etc but had same issues.


I then noticed that Emby wasn't importing new movies I add to my movie folder on my NAS (Emby watches this folder for new content). To try and get around this I deleted the movies folder from my emby library (kept the files on the NAS) and went to reconnect it back into Emby but now it won't let me select it.


I've attached some screen shots and my log to give you an idea of what's happening, but as you can see I can't add the movies folder, this happens whether I go through the mounted drive (in my case drive V) or through the network path (\\NAS\etc...). I've had no issues adding TV content to my library (the TV folder and this sits in the same parent folder (Video) as movies) i.e.




      \movies (cannot set this up)

      \tvshows (this works fine)


Not sure what's going on so any help is appreciated!









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If the movies folder isn't working, are you able to take that network path and paste it into windows explorer and browse from there? that would be a good test to try. Thanks !

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Just to pick up on this, I created a new movies folder and moved some the media into it which Emby was picking up. I then proceeded to move all the media into the folder and then it stopped working again  :angry: .


I then noticed 2 files created by the Synology NAS where media is hosted, after deletion Emby was OK to scan again.


Not sure if it helps anyone else but my problem was solved!



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Can you explain this a little more?

I then noticed 2 files created by the Synology NAS where media is hosted


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