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Nothing Will Play


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Emby has stopped being able to play any media files. I upgraded recently but hadn't actually tried to play anything in emby until this weekend. I have tried chmod for the permissions on ffmpeg since that worked once before on a different version a few months ago, I've tried deleting both library.db and refreshinfo.db and restarting emby, and I tried downgrading and doing all of the above. In the upgraded version I tried to play an mp4 file, and when I downgraded I tried to play an avi file, both of which have successfully been played by emby in the past. When I try to play a file, the browser shows the spinning circle, then just stops without actually playing the file.


I have uploaded three files - the ffmpeg transcoding file from the attempt to play the avi file, the file ending in 7218 is the server log from after downgrading to last working version (when I tried to play the avi file associated with the ffmpeg transcoding file), and the file ending in 4384 from trying to use the upgraded version.


I'm not sure what else to try - it was working fine a week ago, then I moved and hadn't tried to actually use it until this weekend. I don't know if there might be a problem due to me switching internet providers or something, but I would've assumed that the reinstalling from both the upgrade and the downgrade.


If anyone has any ideas, I'm open to trying them.






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Hi, welcome. It appears to be having trouble launching both ffmpeg and ffprobe. If I had to guess, the files need to be granted execute permissions:


To grant execute permission, open a terminal and navigate to


Then run

sudo chmod 755 ffmpeg
sudo chmod 755 ffprobe

Then startup Emby Server and see if that resolves the situation. Thanks !

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