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How to setup Live TV using HDhomerun Dual in Canada


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I recently purchased a HDhomerun Dual so I can watch Livetv using my OTA antenna and Emby. I was able to setup the device on my network (hard wired) and got it to work using the Silicon Dust "HDHomerun" App for Windows 10. The tuner detected several channels for my location here in Toronto, Canada.

I then configured Livetv in Emby for the Tuner and selected Schedules Direct as my guide provider. I provided the userid, password, country, postal code and antenna for the Schedule Direct information. I have refreshed the data guide several times and tested again the next day but I get no channel information. I am a newbie at this and tried looking for information on how to setup the HDhomerun tuner for OTA antenna but could not find anything. At this time, all I want to do is watch live TV and don't need the DVR functionality.

I have included the log file.

Any help would be much appreciated.



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Thanks for the quick response Doofus. I did have a problem before getting it to work with Silicon Dust "HDhomerun" app and they gave me the link for their latest firmware & software, which I have installed and it's working now although quite a few channels are choppy. I am hoping that its because of weak OTA signals.

The problem seems that it might be EMBY's LiveTv not getting the required information from my scheduledirect account.

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Below, is some of what I see from the log file that I have attached in my post. Not sure how to interpret, but it appears that EMBY is getting some info from ScheduleDirect but I don't see it when I select LiveTv.



2016-10-12 22:54:25.0568 Info App: Found 70 channels on the lineup on ScheduleDirect
2016-10-12 22:54:25.0568 Info App: Mapping Stations to Channel
2016-10-12 22:54:25.0568 Info HttpServer: HTTP Response 200 to Time: 699ms. http://localhost:8096/emby/LiveTv/ChannelMappingOptions?providerId=423f325bd44244ea91646da57e45ec36

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