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Versioning the Changlog


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Hopefully an easy request that makes sense:


I'd find it helpful if the changlog showed what update came with which version. Maybe I wont bother updating the server to fix the german parental controls but will to improve upnp....  Github is a rolling list of updates and it is hard to tell which changes are new. example below:





  • v82. Rework upnp discovery
  • v81.Move download images in advance setting to per library
  • v81 Move basic metadata settings to per library
  • v80 Update German ratings for parental control
  • v80 Add program popup to live tv guide
  • v79 Add play button to program dialog
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I append new entries to the bottom. The important thing is we are working towards the next stable release. The testing crowd is a small amount of people. The release notes are designed to be what stable users will eventually see once this goes stable.

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