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Hello from Fanart.tv


I see there are quite a few budding artists and professionals alike over here that are creating fanart for Media Browser. We would love to see some of that art make it over to our site so it can easily be shared with even more people. Even if it's not shared on our site, I thought some of our video tutorials might be of use to any fanart creators.


Our tutorials are a little scattered, so I thought I could show how to access them here.


For strictly video tutorials you can either view our youtube channel or our G+ page.

For all types of tutorials and templates, you will find them under each section of our homepage. Movies, TV, and Music respectively.

Just look under each artwork type and click the Tutorial or Template buttons to see if any exist for that artwork type.

We also have some tutorials in our forums under Gimp Chat and Photoshop Chat.


I have just recently started a "Gimp from Scratch" video tutorial series for new creators that are not familiar with gimp or creating fanart.


I really hope that these tutorials will be of use to someone here and please remember...We are there to help. 

I realize that some users are a bit weary of uploading to us as we have some pretty strict requirements to get an image approved. Once you understand what these are and how to abide by them, I think you'll find it will be a rewarding experience. If you are having trouble with something, just post in our forums, or join us in the IRC channel and we will do our best to help out.


Lastly, please post in our forums for any requests of tutorials you'd like to see.


Best Regards,


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Great post and I'm sure it will certainly help any artists looking to start making their own logo's or help out any "seasoned" artists getting their art into a format for Fanart.tv.


Many thanks for taking the time to post up. Much appreciated.


Edit:  can you get this pinned to this section please.  Thanks Yogi!!!!

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What are you doing over here on my turf. :o



Cheesegeezer invited me. :)

You artwork on our site has improved exponentially in such a short time. I am so happy you decided to come over and contribute. Can't wait to see what's next.

Hopefully more people from this site will decide to join us as well.  :D



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