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Re-setting or re-scan for Metadata


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I bought my kids 'Clash of the Titans' (The 1981 original) but MB coded it as the recent remake.   Everything I try within the admin console fails - I tried altering the IMDB reference in the 'Edit' screen, tried deleting the XML files from the folder, etc, but no dice.  (The folder name does have the year in brackets, but that hasn't helped).


Is there a technique for


a) Manually overriding the auto-selected Metadata if MB doesn't do the job correctly

B) Forcing a cleardown and refresh of the Metabase (either for a single entry, or for the whole volume) from scratch.







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on the web interface try these numbers on the ids for the movie


find the clash of the titans on this area 


99% of the time if you don't change themoviedb code it will stay as the current movie not the updated one that you put on imdb


themoviedb -  10323

imdb -  tt0082186

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Worked it out.  As suggested, you need to clear the MovieDB ID as well as change the IMDB number.  Then the metadata changes.




PS - Yep when I say brackets, I mean ().   In UK, [ is called a 'square bracket'

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