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On-screen video playback "tips" reappearing on subsequent videos


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Starting with v2.7.82 (first version after the navigation bar redesign) the on-screen playback tips keep reappearing for every new media item that I play back. The "tips" do disappear when clicking the "Got it, dismiss this" button and also automatically disappear after a few seconds, but when the next video starts, they reappear.


This behavior also occurs on the current beta version v2.7.84, The phone is a Galaxy S6 (SM-G920V) running Android v6.0.1.


Also confirmed to occur with a Galaxy S4 running Android 5.0.1. But does not happen with an Asus Zenpad 8 running Android 6.0.1



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Ok thanks for the report guys. I've made an adjustment for the next release that should resolve it. thanks.

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