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Emby Theater and Gamebrowser external players not running


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I have Emby Theater installed on Windows (7) HTPC, and gamebrwoeser installed as a server plugin:

  • Game directory i set up as per instructions
  • Gamebrowser platforms are all set up
  • Game library is accessible and scanned as part of media library
  • External players set up for all platforms with the {path} and options as described in the forum elsewhere with the appropriate command line options for each

I have two issues:


1. When trying to hit "play" on the game screen, I get a spinner and nothing else, no error, and no emulator, it just spins and then eventually gives up. I've changed the path to the external player to be notepad.exe and I get the same behaviour, so the shell isn't even being invoked.


2. The second issue is that Emby isn't scanning the folders properly, and only some games (SNES / SegaCD, PS1) have the play button and metadata, while Genesis games do not have one.


The first issue is more of a problem, because in the old WMC plugin the games always launched. But I really like ET (and have a premium sub) so would like to get this feature working as well. I noticed someone else had a similar issue but no resolution at all.


I can't find any useful log messages either - where can I find the logs for the ET client?


Hope someone can help :-S



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Yes, of course.

I have an HTPC with Windows 10 64 bits, Emby Server and Emby Theater installed on it.

I recently installed gamebrowser with instructions found on this topic : https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/16380-gamebrowser-guide/

In plugin configuration page, I have :




In Emby Theater, I configure as instructions too :




But when I want to play a game, I get a spinner and nothing else ; no error and no emulator launched :




When I try to launch a game in command line, all works fine :




Thanks for your help @@Luke....and happy new year !



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have you tested those exact arguments on the command line? the arguments in your command line screenshot are different from your emby theater configuration.

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If you're talking about the fullscreen argument, I've try this three methods and they are all working (not that the drive letter is different because i'm on an other PC):



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Thanks for the reply @@Luke.
I have already tried this solution that unfortunately generates the same problem.

I also tried to put the arguments on the same line (contrary to what marked in the options) but still the same.

Is it possible, in a log file, to see the exact command line that is executed?

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