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New user and have several questions to start.


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Hello, I have been eyeing emby server for some time but did not have time to really get into it much.

however, I just got my hands on zotac zbox nano vd01  with 8Gb ram and want to build a new HTPC on it.


so here is my needs and wants.


1. the base OS should be Linux, I have nothing against windows but not sure if I want to shell out $150 for it, especially since win7 will be off support soon, and win10 have too much issues being HTPC for me.


2. I want to have  a desktop use if needed. most time an TV interface will be used, but if I need to I want to be able to get to a real desktop.. 


3. that said, if a TV UI  is used I need/want to have a web browsing capability. 


my current htpc is running Kodi 16.0 but I ma having some issues with it and not sure if I want to keep it.

can emby replace my Kodi setup?


I do have an OMV based File server and VM server. 

my media is on that. 


can I run emby as client on the htpc as described?






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Yea not if Linux is a must, unless you try the web version of theatre at tv.emby.media

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