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allow access to emby server through ufw/gufw firewall mint18


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I'm using the ubuntu kodi plugin under mint18 desktop.

server has 3 gig ram ,2 drives , amd dual core.


htpc and my desktop are what i'm trying to connect to it .


I setup via ddwrt static dhcp ips for the server ,desktop,htpc.


besides having to remote into the server and start via term due to my not being able to auto run it(lack of know how) it runs well,

I killed info /thumbnail download due to my cap.


added media etc(was on 2nd 1tb hd).


but i can't add/view media  in kodi  on desktop with firewall on.


I've added these rulles


8096/8920/tcp allow in ip of server

8096 allow out ip of desktop 8920 out

8920,8096/tcp allow in ip of desktop

8096/udp allow out ip of desktop 8920/udp out


this is on the desktop pc no firewall running on media server.


with firewall on can't connect message . without  seems ok.


any help would be great i'd love to firewall the media server as well. it's a mint 18 desktop with gui and running team viewer to control for now.



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ok; heres the deal this is solved  now .

Gufw on  desktop and emby server can comm through firewall. I used simple tab in gufw  allowed in an out tcp/udp  of ports 1900,1901,8096,8920.

Set this in both firewalls and it works.  Kodi 17 btw guys and girls :)

So Admin please mark solved.

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Also works on htpc  connected via wifi downstairs. all with firewall on .

my other trys via set ip may not have worked as ddwrt  is set up to give static dhcp .

or just a miss step. but heck it works:)

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