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Request: Search in original movie name


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I don't know if this is bug or not supported feature,


My primary language in Emby is CZECH, and usually, I search movie with both options, English name and Czech name

Now is only option due this save movie name with both languages, but why? Is it no choice to search with original movie name?



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OK so this is for example


I have film London Has Fallen with

title => Pad Londyna

original title = London Has Fallen


when I try a search in a web browser or emby app,  London Has Fallen has no result found


only possible way to do it is rename movie with title Pad Londyna - London Has Fallen,


then the search is correct


but I woud like to have title with czech name and original title in english name of movie


It is possible to do it ?

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is there any progress on this subject? I would also find the feature very useful! :)


Thanks :)

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