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Issue with updating Metadata?


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Apologies if this is submitted incorrectly - first post on these forums.


I am having an issue updating Artist information on Videos - I enter the new information into the Artist field (multiples separated by ";"), click Save (either the top or bottom one), Emby says it has saved the item, but when I move to a different item and come back - the information is either totally missing, or only parts were saved. It appears to me that it doesn't accept anything appearing to be misspelled, so I turned spell check off in Chrome, no change. Same problem exists if using Firefox. Haven't tested with IE.


Not sure when the issue could have appeared - I've not tried to edit metadata in a while. I am running the latest of everything (that I know of):

Emby Version 3.0.6300.0
Mono 4.4.2
Linux Mint 17.3 Cinnamon
Latest stable repository version of both Chrome 52.0.2743.116 and Firefox v48
All most recent level 3 and higher updates applied


I looked through the latest entries in the Log, and see no type of failure message at the time I was trying to do this editing.


Anyone else having this issue?

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Hi there, welcome. :Please try the latest release of Emby Server and let us know if the issue persists. Thanks!

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Well.. No change whatsoever. Latest Emby (3.0.6400.0), latest Chrome (53.0.2785.92 64-bit), latest Firefox (48.0), latest level 3 and higher repository updates, all for Linux Mint Cinnamon 17.3.

Emby says it saves the Artist changes, yet saves only some or none of the updated information - in no pattern I can discover, using either top or bottom Save button. Still no errors in the log.

Very frustrating... Used to be able to edit meta-data without issue.

Does the Windows version have these little gotcha's less frequently, or is it a Linux thing?

I really want to stick with Linux and continue to move away from Windows. But, my confidence in Emby and/or Mint simply working as it should is waning..

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Ok, i narrowed this down. It's an issue of saving an artist that's not already in the database. It will be resolved for the next release, thanks.

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Works perfectly with Version 3.0.7000.0 - and I didn't actually have to edit the Artist information as it picks it up correctly from the file name now...

Thanks for correcting this so quickly - very much appreciated!

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