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Emby server app crashing, no browser access


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I've updated to OSX Public Beta 10.12 (v3 now) and since doing this, Emby server has stopped working. When I first restart the computer, it seems to load and sits on the menu bar. If I click the menu bar icon and choose any option, the app crashes immediately and can't be re-loaded without a restart. I don't see anything still active for mediabrowser or emby in the activity monitor.


I've tried re-downloading and installing the latest version from the emby site with no change in results.


I've attached the latest diagnostic file from the logs (changed .diag to .txt). Any ideas? Is this a 10.12 issue?


Thanks in advance!



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Is there anything in the emby server log? under ./config/emby-server/logs


I haven't seen any mono news about supporting the beta OSX so it could very possibly be related to that. But check the emby server log first in case it's something we can resolve. thanks.

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